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Table 3 Resistance-associated genes identified in N. meningitidis DuyDNT isolate

From: Whole-genome sequencing and characterization of an antibiotic resistant Neisseria meningitidis B isolate from a military unit in Vietnam

PATRIC ID Source ID Resistance Gene Antibiotic class Identity
fig|487.2031.peg.475 NP_273462.1 penA Beta-lactam resistance 96
fig|487.2031.peg.1487 AAB51421.1 catP/catD Chloramphenicol resistance 100
fig|487.2031.peg.154 AAA50993.1 Tufa Elfamycin resistance 84
fig|487.2031.peg.138 AAA50993.1 Tufa Elfamycin resistance 84
fig|487.2031.peg.620 AAV85982.1 macB Erythromycin resistance 98
fig|487.2031.peg.619 AAV85981.1 macA Erythromycin resistance 96
fig|487.2031.peg.1534 YP_207769.1 gyrA Fluoroquinolone resistance 97
fig|487.2031.peg.1792 YP_208330.1 ngo1259 Fluoroquinolone resistance 97
fig|487.2031.peg.186 WP_002215466.1 oxyR Isoniazid resistance 100
fig|487.2031.peg.1920 NP_274719.1 farA Multidrug efflux 98
fig|487.2031.peg.359 NP_273368.1 mtrR Multidrug efflux 98
fig|487.2031.peg.1919 NP_274718.1 mtrC Multidrug efflux 99
fig|487.2031.peg.358 NP_273367.1 farB Multidrug efflux 99
fig|487.2031.peg.1921 YP_002002225.1 mtrD Multidrug efflux 97
fig|487.2031.peg.155 YP_208874.1 rpsJ Tetracycline resistance 100