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Table 1 Information regarding the probes used in the present study

From: Evaluation of fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) for the detection of fungi directly from blood cultures and cerebrospinal fluid from patients with suspected invasive mycoses

Target microorganisms Probes Sequences (5′-3′) Formamide content in hybridisation buffer (% v/v) NaCl content in wash buffer (M) Authors
C. albicans Caal* GCCAAGGCTTATACTCGCT 30 0.112 Kempf [10]
C. glabrata Cagl* CCG CCA AGC CAC AAG GAC T 30 0.112 Kempf [10]
C. parapsilosis Capa* CCTGGTTCGCCAAAAAGGC 20 0.225 Kempf [10]
Aspergillus spp. Asp* TGATACATTCCGAG 25 0.159 Wang [21]
C. neoformans and C. gattii Cne205* CCAGCCCTTATCCACCGA 20 0.225 Martins [14]
H. capsulatum Hca1* AGTCGAGGCTTTCAGCATGT 30 1.112 Silva Jr [22]
Fungi Pan fungal** CTCTGGCTTCACCCTATTC 30 0.112 Amann [23]
  1. *Oligonucleotide probe synthesised and directly 5′-labelled with the hydrophilic sulphoindocyanine fluorescent dye Cy3 (Thermo Hybaid, Ulm, Germany).
  2. **Oligonucleotide probe synthesised and directly 5′-labelled with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) (Thermo Hybaid, Ulm, Germany).