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Archived Comments for: Maggot metabolites and their combinatory effects with antibiotic on Staphylococcus aureus

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  1. Nature is better than...Doctors

    pietro aragona, Distretto Sanitario Pordenone ASS6 FVG Italy

    11 May 2012

    Could we use Lucilia cuprina to eat G-bactera or yeasts like Candida on diabetic wounds,for example,on feet's fingers to avoid cutting? Do you know if there is a team studing this problem? Could we work better with veterinaries to understand if animals "use" maggots to repair their wounds? Several years ago,when I worked in a general laboratory and microbiology, I remember we found eggs of cowflies on feet's fingers wounds of a neurological rested man and we thougt:" what a durty way to manage this man had the family" but, on the contrary, could be a natural way to solve the problem, of course, changig the fly!Thank you for your attention. MD P.A.

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