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Table 1 Pipeline of novel TB vaccines in clinical trials

From: COVID-19 vaccine development: What lessons can we learn from TB?

Vaccine name Vaccine type Clinical phase Description
Ad5 Ag85A Adenovirus-vector I BCG booster—Adenovirus vector expressing Ag85A, Ag85B and TB10.4 antigens [41]
MVA85A Vaccinia Ankara virus-vector I BCG booster—Modified vaccinia Ankara virus vector expressing Ag85A [42]
GamTBVac Subunit vaccine I BCG booster—Dextran-binding domain modified Ag85a and ESAT6-CFP10 MTB antigens and CpG ODN adjuvant, formulated with dextrans [43]
AEC/BC02 Subunit vaccine I BCG booster—Ag85b, ESAT6-CFP10 combined with BCG-derived CpG and aluminum salt adjuvant [44]
ID193/GLA-SE Subunit vaccine IIa BCG booster—Oil in water emulsion/TRL4 agonist [45]
MTBVAC Live attenuated IIa Live attenuated M. tuberculosis strain SO2with mutation in phoP transcription regulator gene [46]
TB/Flu-04L Influenza-vectored IIa Influenza virus strain A/Puetro Rico/8/34 H1N1 expressing Ag85A and ESAT6 [47]
RUTI Live attenuated IIa Therapeutic vaccine-purified and liposomal cellular fragments of M. tuberculosis [48]
H56:IC31 Subunit vaccine IIb BCG booster—fusion protein of Ag85B, ESAT-6 and Rv2660c formulated in IC31 adjuvant [49]
M72/ASO1E Subunit vaccine IIb BCG booster—fusion protein of Mtb32A and Mtb39A combined with AS01 adjuvant [50]
DAR-901 Inactivated whole-cell IIb BCG booster—whole cell or extract of M. obuense [51]
VPM1002 Live recombinant III Pre and post exposure vaccine—live recombinant M. bovis expressing listeriolysin of Listeria monocytogenes, lacing the urease C gene and containing hygromycin resistance marker [52]
MIP Heat killed III Therapeutic vaccine—whole cell of extract of M. indicus pranii [53]
M. vaccae Heat killed III Therapeutic vaccine—whole cell of extract of M. vaccae [54]