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Table 2 The total number of antibiotic prescriptions for studied pediatric patients

From: Antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP): an effective implementing technique for the therapy efficiency of meropenem and vancomycin antibiotics in Iranian pediatric patients

Time period None MPM VMN Both (MPM + VMN)
2014–2015 (without ASP) 7 (10.44%)a 24 (35.82%)a 36 (53.73%)a
2015–2016 (with ASP) 60 (88.23%) 1 (1.47%)b 3 (4.41%)b 4 (5.88%)b
  1. Values in the same columns followed by different letters (a, b) are significantly different
  2. Values inside and outside the parentheses respectively represent frequency (n, out of 67–68) and percent (%) of antibiotic prescriptions for the patient’s children