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Table 1 Identification of endophytic bacterial isolates from stem of Fagonia indica based on 16S rRNA partial sequences and their accession numbers in Genbank

From: An assessment on the role of endophytic microbes in the therapeutic potential of Fagonia indica

Strain name Closest match Similarity % (NCBI) Accession no
MOSEL-FLS1 Enterobacter hormaechei 100 KT367786
MOSEL-FLS2 Stenotrophomonas maltophilia 100 KT367787
MOSEL-FLS3 Bacillus tequilensis 100 KT367788
MOSEL-FLS4 Erwinia sp. 99 KT367789
MOSEL-FLS5 Pantoea dispersa 98 KT367790
MOSEL-FLS6 Pantoea cypripedii 98 KT367791
MOSEL-FLS7 Enterobacter cloacae 99 KT367792
MOSEL-FLS8 Bacillus subtilis 100 KT367793