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Table 1 Characteristics of prothrombin time test reagents used in the study

From: Dose-dependent artificial prolongation of prothrombin time by interaction between daptomycin and test reagents in patients receiving warfarin: a prospective in vivo clinical study

No Brand name Manufacturer Laboratory ISI Thromboplastin Phospholipid
1 HemosIL Recombi PlasTin 2G Instrumental Laboratories University of Tokyo Hospital 1.01 Recombinant human tissue factor Synthetic phospholipid
2 Neoplastin plus Roche Diagnostics Roche Diagnostics 1.33 Rabbit brain Confidential
3 STA Neoplastin R Roche Diagnostics Roche Diagnostics 0.96 Recombinant human tissue factor Confidential
4 Dade Innovin Dade Behring (Sysmex) Sysmex 1.0 Recombinant human tissue factor No data
5 Thromborel S Dade Behring (Sysmex) Sysmex 1.0 Human placenta No data
6 Thrombocheck PT Sysmex Sysmex 1.6 Rabbit brain No data
7 Simplastin Excel S BioMerieux Kyowa Medex 1.22 Rabbit brain No PG
8 Simplastin HTF BioMerieux Kyowa Medex 1.26 Cultured human lung cell No PG
9 Coagupia PT–N Sekisui Medical Sekisui Medical 1.09 Rabbit brain Confidential
  1. ISI international sensitivity index, PG phosphatidylglycerol