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Fig. 1

From: Antimicrobial nodule-specific cysteine-rich peptides disturb the integrity of bacterial outer and inner membranes and cause loss of membrane potential

Fig. 1

The effect of peptides on the morphology of S. meliloti. Images (a, b) and height measurement data (c, d) obtained by atomic force microscopy before (a, c) and after (b, d) NCR247 treatment reveal surface roughness caused by the peptide. Scanning electron micrographs of untreated cultures (e, f) as well as cultures treated with NCR247 (g, h), NCR335 (i, j) or PMB (k, l) at 25 µg/ml for 30 min show cell aggregation (g, k) where cells are connected with thread-like structures (h) or have swollen middle part (l) indicated by arrows

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