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Table 4 Diagnostic performance of DcR3, sTREM-1 and other CSF markers for the diagnosis of bacterial meningitis

From: The combination of decoy receptor 3 and soluble triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 for the diagnosis of nosocomial bacterial meningitis

Variable Area under ROC Curve Sensitivity (%) Speificity (%)
DcR3 0.831 78.75 81.40
sTREM-1 0.756 60.00 88.37
Leucocyte Count 0.928 88.75 90.70
Glucose 0.696 65.00 67.44
Protein 0.664 43.75 86.05
Lactate 0.717 62.50 74.42
  1. The performance of DcR3 and other CSF markers has been published previously [13]. In order to compare the diagnostic performance of the two biomarker with that of other CSF markers, the data of DcR3 and CSF markers are presented here. ROC: receiver operating characteristic.