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Table 2 Neurosurgical interventions

From: The combination of decoy receptor 3 and soluble triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 for the diagnosis of nosocomial bacterial meningitis

Type of surgery Positive culture (n=80)
Intracranial Tumor Operation 44
Evacuation of Intracranial Haematoma 6
Repair of Cranial Defect 6
Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt 4
Repair of CSF Rhinorrhea 1
Suboccipital Decompression 4
Ventriculostomy 3
Decompression of Trigeminal Neuralgia 3
Ventricular External Drainage 3
Aneurysm Plus Ligation 1
Aneurysm Embolization 3
Arachnoid Cyst Excision 1
Posterior Fossa Decompression and Spinal Cavity Shunt 1