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Table 3 Summary of main studies in which rates and independent risk factors for colistin methanesulfonate sodium-associated nephrotoxicity were reported

From: High dose intravenous colistin methanesulfonate therapy is associated with high rates of nephrotoxicity; a prospective cohort study from Saudi Arabia

Study and year published Study design and population Location Was nephrotoxicity defined as per RIFLE criteria? Rate of nephrotoxicity Independent risk factors for CMS-associated nephrotoxicity
Balkan et al., 2014 [10] Retrospective cohort, 198 patients Turkey Yes 46.1% Age > 60 years
Sorli et al., 2013 [11] Prospective cohort; 102 patients Spain Yes 49.0% Trough serum colistin level, Charlson Score and receipt of ≥ 2 concomitant nephrotoxic agents.
Dalfino et al., 2012 [12] Prospective cohort; 28 ICU patients Italy No 17.8% Receipt of radio-contrast.
Gauthier et al., 2012 [13] Case–control; 370 patients with BMI > 25 kg/m2 United States Yes 48% BMI ≥ 31.5 kg/m2, diabetes mellitus, older age and length of hospital stay.
Doshi et al., 2011 [14] Retrospective cohort; 49 ICU patients United States Yes 31% Pre-existing chronic kidney disease, systemic hypertension, receipt of radio-contrast and receipt of ≥ 2 concomitant nephrotoxic agents.
Pogue et al., 2011 [15] Retrospective cohort; 126 patients United States Yes 43% Higher CMS dose, concomitant rifampicin therapy and receipt of ≥ 3 concomitant nephrotoxic agents.
Rattanaumpawan et al., 2011 [16] Retrospective case control; 139 cases Thailand No 52.5% Older age, longer duration of CMS therapy, higher CMS doses and concomitant vancomycin therapy.
Deryke et al., 2010 [17] Retrospective cohort; 30 patients United States Yes 33% Dosing based on actual body weight.
Kwon et al., 2010 [18] Retrospective cohort; 71 patients South Korea Yes 53.5% Male gender, concomitant use of a calcineurin inhibitor, hypoalbuminaemia and hyperbilirubinaemia.
Hartzell et al., 2009 [19] Retrospective cohort; 66 patients United States Yes 45% Cumulative CMS dose and longer duration of therapy.
Kim et al., 2009 [20] Case–control; 47 cases South Korea Yes 31.9% Hypoalbuminemia and concomitant use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  1. CMS = colistin methanesulfonate; RIFLE = Risk, Injury, Failure, Loss, End stage kidney disease; ICU = intensive care unit; BMI = body mass index.