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Table 1 Analysis of blaCTX-M-15 markers using bioinformatic approach and clinical profile

From: Infected foot ulcers in male and female diabetic patients: a clinico-bioinformative study

CTX-M-15 positive E. coli strain D253 D281
ERIC profile M1 M1
Class1 integron + +
int1 + +
sul1 + +
Sampling date 8/4/2008 14/6/2008
Sex of the patient Female Male
Accession no. of reference strain used for alignments FJ668785 FJ668753
#PDB ID of the template retrieved for modeling 1iysA 1iysA
Cefotaxime MIC of the strain (mg/L) 256 64
Ceftazidime MIC of the strain (mg/L) 32 32
*E-total (Kj/mol) -221.51 -168.17
*E-shape (Kj/mol) -208 -147.5
*E-force (Kj/mol) -13.51 -20.67
Genbank accession numbers (This study) FJ997866 GQ145220
  1. #PDB = Protein Data Bank
  2. *E = Binding energy with cefotaxime