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Table 1 Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains used in this study

From: A diagnostic PCR assay for the detection of an Australian epidemic strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Strain type Number or identity Source PFGE typed prior to this study
Laboratory PAO1 (ATCC 15693), PAK, PA103, ATTC 27853   
CF isolates 56 (sputum, bronchial lavage) Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne Yes [10]
CF isolates 54 (sputum) Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne No
Non-CF isolates 7 (urine, sputum, bronchial lavage) Monash Medical Centre No
Non-CF isolates 52 Gribbles Pathology, Melbourne No
Environmental 6 Water Board Authority, Sydney No
Known clonal/epidemic Liverpool (LES431, LESB58), Manchester (8799, C3373), Midlands (8916, 10066), Stoke and Trent Craig Winstanley (University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK) Yes [2, 8, 27]
Known clonal/epidemic Australian Epidemic Strain II (AES-II) Claire Wainwright (Royal Children's Hospital, Brisbane) Yes [27]