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Figure 1

From: In vitro activity of tigecycline in combination with various antimicrobials against multidrug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii

Figure 1

Time-kill kinetics for confirmed synergistic interactions. (A) TIG/LVX, study code 5; (B) TIG/LVX, study code 11; (C) TIG/AMK, study code 71, (D) TIG/IPM, study code 80; (E) TIG/CS, study code 75; (F) Comparison of quantitative change in CFU/ml, relative to the most active constituent, for the synergistic interactions. The drug concentrations are as follows: TIG/LVX, 0.25 and 4 mg/L, respectively (study codes 5 and 11); TIG/AMK, 1 and 64 mg/L, respectively (study code 71); TIG/IPM, 0.5 and 16 mg/L, respectively (study code 80); TIG/CS, 2 and 0.25 mg/L, respectively (study code 75). The dotted line denotes the threshold value to define synergy. Panels show one representative experiment of three replicates.

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