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Figure 4

From: Antimicrobial effect of farnesol, a Candida albicans quorum sensing molecule, on Paracoccidioides brasiliensis growth and morphogenesis

Figure 4

Ultrastructural morphology of P. brasiliensis yeast cells treated with different concentrations of farnesol. Pannels A to D show the transmission electron micrographs of cells cultivated in the absence (A, A') and in the presence of farnesol (B to D). Cell structures like nucleus (N), mitochondria (M), endoplasmatic reticulum (Re), lisossome-like structures (l), plasma membrane and cell wall are preserved in control cells (arrows in A, A'). Cells cultivated in 25 μM (B), 50 μM (C) and 100 μM (D) of farnesol showed a degraded cytoplasm (DC) but an intact cell wall (arrows). In panel E, the scanning electron micrograph of 50 μM farnesol-treated yeast cells of P. brasiliensis is shown, revealing an intact fungal cell wall.

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