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Table 1 The appearance of Candida species grown on CHROMagar Candida.

From: Presumptive identification of Candida species other than C. albicans, C. krusei, and C. tropicalis with the chromogenic medium CHROMagar Candida

  Colony characteristics
Species Isolates (no.) Color Morphology
C. dubliniensis 17 Green --a
C. famata 11 Pink to lavender --
C. firmetaria 12 Pink to lavender, pale border Some flat, rough; others waxyb
C. glabrata 38 Dark violetc Small to medium, smooth, convex, creamy
C. guilliermondii 10 Pink to lavender --
C. inconspicua 6 Pink to lavender, pale borders Flat, roughd
C. kefyr 9 Pink to lavender, often with darkened centers Large, rough
C. lipolytica 10 Ivory to pink Large, flat, rough, wrinkledb
C. lusitaniae 15 Pink to lavender Some waxy
C. norvegensis 3 Ivory to pink Large, roughb
C. parapsilosis 34 Ivory to pink to lavender Small to medium, smooth to wrinkled
C. rugosa 15 Light blue-green, pale bordere Medium to large, flat
C. albicans 5 Green --
C. krusei 5 Pink, pale borders Medium to large, flat, rough
C. tropicalis 5 Steel blue, purple diffusion --
  1. amorphology if not noted – medium size, smooth, convex, creamy
  2. bsome isolates produce colonies indistinguishable from C. krusei
  3. cdark pink colonies at 24 hours, darkening with time; colonies commonly had thin pale borders and produced pigment which diffused into medium
  4. dall isolates indistinguishable from C. krusei
  5. eTypically produced light blue-green strains with morphology similar to C. krusei, but some (4) produced small to medium smooth, convex, creamy pink colonies.