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Table 2 ATC codes and DDD/100 bed-days of the ten most commonly used antibiotics in the Internal Medicine ward

From: Prescribing patterns of antibiotics and sensitivity patterns of common microorganisms in the Internal Medicine ward of a teaching hospital in Western Nepal: a prospective study

Name of antibiotic ATC code DDD/100 bed-days
Ampicillin J01CA01 27.5
Amoxicillin J01CA04 17.5
Metronidazole J01XD01 10.43
Ciprofloxacin* J01MA02 3.42, 2.73
Crystalline penicillin J01CE01 17.88
Gentamicin J01GB03 5.14
Co-amoxiclav J01CR02 7.87
Ceftriaxone J01DA13 4.56
Norfloxacin J01MA06 0.75
Cloxacillin J01CF02 3.18
  1. * Two DDDs have been defined one for oral use and the other for parenteral use