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Table 1 New antibiotics approved and/or in development

From: New antibiotics for bad bugs: where are we?

Drug Antibiotic class Spectrum of microbiological activity Main clinical indication Development phase
BAL30072 Monocyclic β-lactam MDR P. aeruginosa Acinetobacter including metallo-ß-lactamases and enterobacteriaceae NK I
BC-3781 Pleuromutilin Gram-positive, including MRSA cSSSIs II
Besifloxacin Quinolone Gram-positive and Gram-negative ophthalmicinfection Approved by FDA
Biapenem Cerbpenem Gram-negative and Gram-positive RTI, UTI II
CB-182,804 Polimyxin MDR Gram-negative NK I
Ceftarolinefosamil Cephalosporin Gram-positive cSSSIs, CAP Approved by FDA and EMA
Ceftazidime/Avibactam Cephalosporin + betalactamase-inhibitor MDR P. aeruginosa and enterobacteriaceae, excluding metallo-ß-lactamases cUTI, cSSTI, VAP III
Ceftobiprolemedocaril Cephalosporin Gram-positive cSSTI, hospitalized CAP III
Ceftolozane/tazobactam Cephalosporin + betalactamase-inhibitor Gram-negative cIAI, cUTIs, HAP, VAP III
Cethromycin Ketolide Gram-positive and Gram-negative CAP III
Dalbavancin Glycopeptide Gram-positive cSSTI III
Delafloxacin Quinolone Broad-spectrum including fluoroquinolone-resistant MRSA cSSTI II
Doripenem Carbapenem Gram-negative cUTIs, cIAIs, HAP, VAP Approved by FDA and EMA
Eravacycline Tetracycline Gram-negative but not Pseudomonas cIAI II
JNJ-Q2 Quinolone Enhanced Gram-positive activity including fluoroquinolone-resistance-resistant MRSA cSSSIs II
ME 1036 Carbapenem Gram-positive, including MRSA and VRE, and Gram-negatives such ESBL-strains but not P. aeruginosa CAP Preclinicaldevelopment
ME1071 Betalactamaseinhibitor Gram-negative   I
MK-7655 Betalactamaseinhibitor Gram-negative cIAI, cUTIs II
Nemonoxacin Quinolone Gram-positive and Gram-negative CAP III
Omadacycline Tetracycline Gram-positive and Gram-negative cSSSIs, CAP III
Oritavancin Glycopeptide Gram-positive, including MRSA, VRSA, VRE cSSSIs III
Panipenem Carbapenem Gram-negative and positive cUTIs, RTI, obstetrical and gynaecological infections III
Plazomicin Aminoglycoside MDR enterobacteriaceae and S. aureus, including aminoglycoside-resistant and metallo-ß-lactamase producers cUTI, cIAI II
Radezolid Oxazolidinone Gram-positive CAP, SSTI II
Razupenem Carbapenem Gram-negative and Gram-positive cSSSIs II
Solithromycin   Gram-positive CAP III
Tebipenem/pivoxil Carbapenem Gram-positive and Gram-negative otolaryngological/RTI II
Tedizolidphosphate Oxazolidinone Gram-positive, including MRSA cSSSIs III
Telavancin Glycopeptide Gram-positive cSSTI, HAP, VAP Approved by FDA and EMA
Tomopenem Carbapenem Gram-positive, including MRSA and Gram-negatives including ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae cSSSIs, HAP II
  1. NK not known, RTI respiratory tract infections, cSSTI complicated skin and soft tissue infections, cIAI complicated intra-abdominal infections, CAP community acquired pneumonia, HAP hospital acquired pneumonia, VAP ventilator associated pneumonia, UTI urinary tract infections.