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Table 5 Reasons for missed doses (multiple answers) (n=39)

From: Adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) during the early months of treatment in rural Zambia: influence of demographic characteristics and social surroundings of patients

Long distance to health facilities 21 (53.8)
Not enough food 20 (51.3)
Were busy with other things like work etc. 15 (38.5)
Felt depressed, overwhelmed, hopelessness 5 (12.8)
Forgot 4 (10.3)
Felt sick or ill 3 (7.7)
Ran out of pills 2 (5.1)
Traditional prohibition 2 (5.1)
Felt asleep or slept through dose tine 1 (2.6)
Had a change in daily routine 1 (2.6)
Had problem taking pills at specific times with meals 1 (2.6)
Sold out the pills 1 (2.6)