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Table 1 Antibiotic susceptibility pattern of test Lactobacilli strains i.e L. plantarum, L. casei, L. acidophilus and indicator strain S. Typhimurium as determined by disc-diffusion technique

From: Effect of L. plantarum cell-free extract and co-trimoxazole against Salmonella Typhimurium: a possible adjunct therapy

Antibiotics Conc. ug/disc Test Lactobacillus strains Indicator strain S. Typhimurium
   L. acidophilus L. casei L. plantarum  
Norfloxacin 10 R R R S
Cotrimoxazole 25 S S R S
Gentamycin 10 S R S S
Ampicillin 25 R S R R
Cephalexin 30 S S S S
Amikacin 30 S R R S
Cefoxitin 10 R R R R
Chloramphenicol 30 S S R S
Cefuroxine 30 S R R S
Augmentin 10 R R R R
Tetracycline 25 S S S S
  1. S-sensitive R-resistant