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Figure 3

From: Maggot metabolites and their combinatory effects with antibiotic on Staphylococcus aureus

Figure 3

CFU/mL vs. time functions for S. aureus with ciprofloxacin alone and in combination with ES. Readings directly taken from the micro-device wells. (a) CFU/mL vs. time, when only ciprofloxacin and PBS were injected from the two inlets of the micro-device. (b) CFU/mL vs. time, when ES with bacterial suspension was injected from both inlets, followed by ciprofloxacin and PBS from the inlets of the micro-device. (The coefficient of variability (R2) in the predicted data points from the translation of OD to CFU/mL graph was determined by linear regression modeling. The value of R2 was calculated as 0.9024, for all predicted CFU/mL values from recorded OD values). Each calculated data point has ±10% linear error value for cell number in CFU/mL. The OD was recorded in triplicates in three separate micro-devices for each day. The experiments were repeated three times.

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