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Table 1 Invasion efficiency of E. coli HB101 pRI203 into HeLa cells in the presence of quinine sulfate (QS)

From: Quinine sulfate and bacterial invasion

QS condition 1 condition 2
0 2.95 2.95
50 μM 0.64 1.07
100 μM 0.46 1.18
  1. Inoculated and internalized viable bacteria were evaluated by counting them on agar plates. Invasive efficiency is the percent of the inoculated colony-forming units (CFU) which were internalized. Condition 1: QS was incubated with 3 × 105 HeLa cells for 60 min at 37°C prior to infection; condition 2: QS was added to the HeLa cell monolayers during the infection period.